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Red Post Collection: Cone Abilities Hotfix, 2014 World Championship Winners Bundle, and more!

Tonight's red post collection features a note regarding the recent hotfix for cone abilities, more discussion on Azir and Xerath's updated stories, and a look at the new 2014 World Championship Winner...

Cone Abilities Bug Partially Fixed, Dunkmaster Darius Spotlight Song, More on Old vs New Xerath

Cone Abilities Bug Partially Fixed Originally Posted by Riot (View Original Source) Hi folks, We wanted to let you know that we patched out a fix that addresses the issues you have been experi...

2014 World Championship: The Final

Check out our analysis of the final match in the 2014 World Championship, as Samsung White and Star Horn Royal Club faced each other to decide who will be the Season 4 World Champion!

This Week in eSports: 2014 World Championship Finals, Off Season Roster Swaps, and more

We're back with another edition of This Week in eSports![Warning: There will be spoilers after the jump! Check here for spoiler free World Finals Post!]Continue reading for the results of the 2014 Wor...

New Splash Arts Spotted on Worlds, Jaredan on Azir and Xerath Stories, Skin Sale

Free Champion Rotation

Free Champion Rotation 2014 Season Week 40

Champion and Skin Sale 10/21 - 10/24

[2014 World Championship] Finals - Samsung White vs Star Horn Royal Club


ImaQTpie vlog on leaving Dig

HotshotGG wants to make a challenger team with the retired players

Team Curse Adds Piglet

Riot, it's time to add a "Hacks/Exploit" report option, your game is not unhackable.

Now that Piglet's confirmed, this seems more relevant than ever "I could beat DoubleLift with one hand."

LMQ Vasilii quit for family problems

♥ Sp4zie @ WORLD FINALS - ft. Phreak, Krepo, Quickshot & more

TSM Bjergsen COMPLETELY outplays CoL Goldenglue

Please remember these words from Piglet!

Mancloud - Answers/Explanations/Common Misconceptions

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The Future of LoLPortal

On the future of LoLPortal.

Announcing the LoLPortal pro player database!

We've recently released the initial version of LoLPortal's pro player database! Check it out here.

State of Competitive League #2: January 9, 2013

Happy belated holidays, everyone! With the winter break over, the pre-season for season 3 has swung back into action, with many major and minor tournaments across all 3 continents scheduled for January. This is the second in a regular installment of a look around the landscape of the top teams in our world rankings.