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Unofficial PBE Patch Notes for 10/6/2015

New Splash Arts Assassin Master Yi Chosen Master Yi Vandal Brand Frosted Ezreal Jade Dragon Wukong Demon Vi

10/6 PBE Update

[This is a WORK IN PROGRESS POST.][Status: The PBE currently still down for maintenance.]The PBE has been updated!Continue reading for more information!(Warning: PBE Content is tentative and iterative...

Red Post Collection: 2015 Ranked Season Draws to a Close, Kindred Delayed until 5.20, & More

This afternoon's red post collection includes a heads up the 2015 ranked season is ending on November 11th plus an FAQ on the rewards, the unfortunate news that Kindred's release is delayed until 5.20...

Kindred champion spotlight

With Kindred's release coming up sometime this week, the Kindred champion spotlight is out!"Welcome to the Kindred Champion Spotlight.Hunt down more Kindred information here:Champion Reveal: Kindred, ...

Free Champion Rotation, Week of October 6th

Free Champion Rotation

Champion and Skin Sale: 10.06 - 10.09

Champion & Skin Sale 10/6 - 10/9

Red Post Collection: Be Victorious, One for All returns, Worlds Hub & Merch, new /ALL Chat, & more!


Whoa! A new subreddit theme?

Monday Megathread! Ask questions and share knowledge; newcomer questions encouraged!

C9 Worlds Hype Video - Week 1 "They ARE a bad team"

YamatoCannon's Response to Recent Criticism

10/6 PBE Update

The 2015 ranked season draws to a close

When you're tired of Rengar's s***.

So I found a new way to team kill on Tahm Kench, oops.

Riot asks teams to remove G2A logos as it mulls sponsorship ban

Championify 1.0.0 - Champion.gg item sets in game, the big 1.0 release!

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The Future of LoLPortal

On the future of LoLPortal.

Announcing the LoLPortal pro player database!

We've recently released the initial version of LoLPortal's pro player database! Check it out here.

State of Competitive League #2: January 9, 2013

Happy belated holidays, everyone! With the winter break over, the pre-season for season 3 has swung back into action, with many major and minor tournaments across all 3 continents scheduled for January. This is the second in a regular installment of a look around the landscape of the top teams in our world rankings.