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Red Post Collection: Ask Riot #2, Definitely Not Dominion on Friday in RGMQ, LCU Architecture Dev Blog, and more!

Today's red post collection includes a new edition of Ask Riot, a reminder that Definitely Not Dominion will be available in the Rotating Game Mode Queue on Friday, Meddler with context on a few of th...

5/26 PBE Update

[This is a WORK IN PROGRESS POST.][Status: The PBE is back up and online. Working! ]A small patch has been pushed to the PBE!Continue reading for more information!(Warning: PBE Content is tentative an...

Super Galaxy Fizz, Kindred, and Shyvana now available!

"All sparks kindle new flames." Super Galaxy Fizz, Super Galaxy Kindred, and Super Galaxy Shyvana are now available for purchase! We also have six new summoner icons and a limited time bundle!Continue...

Champion and Skin Sale 5/27 - 5/30

A new sale starts tomorrow! Between May 27th and May 30th you can snag Panda Annie for 487 RP, Surgeon Shen for 487 RP, General Wukong for 375 RP, Tango Evelynn for 260 RP, Vel'Koz for 487 RP, Orianna...

5/25 PBE Update: Taliyah Balance changes & more

Red Post Collection: May Bundles & 2 for 1 Rune Pages, Taliyah Buffs to Live, Merch Store Hoodie Promotion, & more

5/24 PBE Update: Updated Nidalee Skin Splash Arts

5/23 PBE Update: More Tentative Balance Changes

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The Future of LoLPortal

On the future of LoLPortal.

Announcing the LoLPortal pro player database!

We've recently released the initial version of LoLPortal's pro player database! Check it out here.

State of Competitive League #2: January 9, 2013

Happy belated holidays, everyone! With the winter break over, the pre-season for season 3 has swung back into action, with many major and minor tournaments across all 3 continents scheduled for January. This is the second in a regular installment of a look around the landscape of the top teams in our world rankings.