Note: LoLPortal is no longer being actively updated as I've joined Riot Games to work on their esports web initiatives. See this blog post for more information.

About LoLPortal

LoLPortal was created in July of 2012 as a resource for League of Legends news and e-sports coverage.

Front Page/News

There's a lot of great content and news out there for League of Legends, but keeping track of it all can be a hassle.

At LoLPortal, you can keep a pulse on what's going on in the League of Legends community in one place. We automatically collate articles and content from around the web, including trusted sources such as ggChronicle, Reign of Gaming, State of the League, Riot's official announcements, and more. The top Reddit threads in the League of Legends subreddit are automatically displayed as well. Professional gamer and tournament streams are featured for an easy way to keep track of who's online.


Keep track of the latest tournament results with our Tournament Tracker. Look for more features coming soon, including full brackets, picks and bans, links to vods, tournament statistics, and more!


Want to see who's hot and who's slumping? Who's on top in tournament winnings? Head over to our Team Database for comprehensive tournament statistics for each team. The list of teams ranks them by an estimated rating based on thousands of games and hundreds of tournaments since the start of Riot's Season Two.

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