Note: LoLPortal is no longer being actively updated as I've joined Riot Games to work on their esports web initiatives. See this blog post for more information.

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The Future of LoLPortal

I started LoLPortal with the intention of aggregating League of Legends news in one handy place. It grew to be one of the most comprehensive databases of League of Legends e-sports statistics. While it never rivalled the larger e-sports websites in terms of traffic, it did gain a loyal niche following in the LoL community, for which I'm grateful. Thank you for all those that gave me feedback, encouragement, and ideas for LoLPortal and its future.

Next month, I'll be transitioning to a full-time role at Riot Games working on their esports web initiatives. While it does mean that LoLPortal will be shutting down, I'm incredibly excited about this new opportunity and I'm looking forward to continuing interacting with the community on how best to develop and enrich the coverage of LoL e-sports. You might also see some of ideas in LoLPortal make its way over in bigger and better ways. :)

Thanks again for the journey. I've learned a ton, and it was a great ride!

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