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Weekend of 12/7/2012 - 12/9/2012 - A recap of this past weekend's League of Legends action

It's been a week since the electrifying matches of IPL 5. Top teams returned to domestic tournaments across all three continents for an action-packed weekend of League of Legends competition. Here's a round-up of the results.


Olympus Champions Winter (Saturday 12/8)

Group Stage Inter-League Matches

  1. MVP White 1 : 1 Azubu Blaze - Azubu Blaze continues to look vulnerable, giving up a draw against MVP White. Blaze is now only 13-9 since their incredible run in the IPL 5 Korean qualifier.

  2. KT Rolster B 1 : 1 Azubu Frost - This clash of titans lived up to the hype. In the first game, KT Rolster's superstar AD carry Score continued his amazing run of no-death games in a stomp over Frost. Azubu would come back in the second however, shutting down Score and handing KT Rolster B their first loss in the entire tournament.

IEM Cologne Korean Qualifier (Monday, 12/10)

The final qualifier for Cologne saw the debut of ex-Azubu Blaze's Reapered on his new team, Eat Sleep Game. Reapered broke out Pantheon, Kha'zix, and Evelyn picks to mixed results, and his team's AP carry Mightily struggled mightily in most of the games. However, when Reapered was able to snowball, his presence in team fights as well as the solid play of their AD carry, UandME, and H0r0's aim-bot-like Amumu bandage tosses were able to carry ESG to victory.

CJ Entus continued their ascendency in form, beating MVP White convincingly in the first semifinal, and taking a game off of ESG. Both ESG and CJ Entus qualified for IEM Cologne.

1) ESG
2) CJ Entus
4) MVP White
4) Team OP


IEM Katowice EU Crossrealm Qualifier (Friday 12/7)

Fnatic continued their impressive form after IPL 5 by qualifying for IEM Katowice in January with a 3-0 run in the qualifier, including a win over CLG EU. All this despite having to forfeit their first match due to a flight delay en route to Stockholm for the THOR Open, which they were also participating in. CLG EU had a tough bracket, losing to both M5 and Fnatic, and failing to qualify.

1) M5 (Qualified)
1) SK Gaming (Qualified)
3) Fnatic (Qualified)
4) NieOrgarniamyPatch
6) Elohell
8) Eclypsia
8) Mighty Midgets

THOR Open 2012 (Saturday 12/8 - Sunday 12/9)

Straight after their successful qualification for IEM Katowice, Fnatic tore through the THOR Open in Stockholm, going 8-0 to take first place and secure about US$10,000 in prize money.

1) Fnatic
2) Copenhagen Wolves
3) Alternate
4) Mousesports (formerly Mighty Midgets) 5) PlayZ Gaming

EPS Germany (Semifinals, 3rd place and finals Sunday 12/9)

Last week, the Mousesports organization announced that they would be releasing their current team and picking up the Mighty Midgets roster. The existing line-up would play their last tournament underneath the Mousesports banner in the EPS Germany finals. They made their swan song count, sweeping their matches in the semi-finals and finals to take first place and €3500 in prize money.

1) ex-Mousesports
2) mates & more
3) MyRevenge
4) Gamed!de

North America

Solomid Series Week 6 (Friday 12/7 - Sunday 12/9)

Team SoloMid finally worked their way out of a month-long slump, and with a vengeance, tearing through the tournament (the first TSM Series played on the pre-season 3 patch) and dropping only one game to Curse NA. TSM enter next weekend's Solomid Series Finals with renewed confidence.

1) TSM
2) Curse NA
3) Team FeaR
4) Quantic Gaming
6) Dignitas
6) Team Dynamic
8) Meat Playground
8) CLG NA (only played one match and forfeited the rest)


G-League 2012 Season 2 (Sunday, 12/9)

The continuation of G-League's group stages saw Team WE take out their sister team Team WE-iR with ease 2-0, while Invictus Gaming's 2nd squad made their debut with a 2-1 win over Wayi Spider.

  1. Team WE 2 : 0 Team WE-iR

  2. Invictus Gaming Two 2 : 1 Wayi

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