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Weekend of 12/14/2012 - Your guide to this weekend's League of Legends action

Here's a primer of notable League of Legends action across the 3 regions for this weekend.


Olympus Champions Winter (Friday 12/14 - Saturday 12/15)

This weekend will feature the first set of matches in the tournament to be played on the latest pre-Season 3 patch! Should make for some exciting and entertaining games!

Group Stage Matches

  1. Group A: Azubu Frost vs Incredible Miracle (Friday at 2:30 AM PST | 5:30 AM EST | 11:30 AM CET | 7:30 PM KST) - An incredibly important match for both of these teams in the Group A rat-race for qualification. Frost is tied for 2nd in the group, while IM is currently 4th, behind by only 1 point. Will we see some more amazing Lee Sin play from IM's Ring Troll?

  2. Group B: Azubu Blaze vs MVP Blue (Friday at ~4:30 AM PST | ~7:30 AM EST | ~1:30 PM CET | ~9:30 PM KST) - A mismatch with Blaze being the heavy favorites, but Azubu will be looking to prove themselves after a disappointing couple of weeks.

  3. Group A: Najin Shield vs KT Rolster A (Saturday at 2:30 AM PST | 5:30 AM EST | 11:30 AM CET | 7:30 PM KST) - Another important Group A match. KT Rolster A is currently a whisker below qualification.

  4. Group B: GSG vs KT Rolster B (Saturday at ~4:30 AM PST | ~7:30 AM EST | ~1:30 PM CET | ~9:30 PM KST) - Another mismatch, but tune in if you want to see impeccable AD-carry play courtesy of KT Rolster B's rising star Score.

Official Website | Leaguepedia

Stream: OGN LoL | Twitch


IEM Cologne (Friday 12/14 - Sunday 12/16)

8 teams battle for a share of US$50000 in prize money in the last IEM event of the year. Fnatic look to extend their dominance over every team not named Team WE, while ex-Azubu's Reapered debuts his newly-formed SK T1 team. The tournament will be played on the season 2 patch. Here are the groups and the "Elo" ratings of each team according to the algorithm I use for my ratings list of pro teams.

Group A:

Group B:

Stream/Brackets/Schedule (Starts on Friday at 8 AM PST | 11 AM EST | 5 PM CET | 9 PM KST)


North America

Solomid Series Finals (Thursday 12/13 - Sunday 12/16)

4 of the top teams in North America fight for a US$12000 prize pool in the grand finals of the Solomid Series. TSM hope to continue their return to form after last weekend's Series win.

Stream/Brackets/Schedule Stream is Live! (Friday stream starts at 3:00 PM PST | 6:00 PM EST | Sat 12:00 AM CET | Sat 6:00 AM KST)


G-League 2012 Season 2 (Friday 12/14)

The quarterfinals are now set for the 6 remaining teams and a chance at a 270000 CNY prize pool (around US$43,000).

Quarterfinal match: OMG vs Team WE i-Rocks - Team WE's second team have finally started to string together a few wins in the last few days; they actually don't enter this match as much of an underdog as they have been used to.

Leaguepedia Info/Brackets

Stream (10:30 PM PST [Thur] | 1:30 AM EST | 7:30 AM CET | 3:30 PM KST)

Gunnar Invitational (Saturday 12/15 - Sunday 12/16)

The quarterfinals for Gunnar Optik's US$2890 prize pool tournament are scheduled for this weekend. Intra-squad matches are become more and more commonplace in China, with two in this quarterfinal. Royal Club looks to continue their hotstreak; tune in to see their superstar 15-year-old AD carry Uzi tear things up.

Quarterfinal Matches

  1. Royal Club vs Royal Club 2 - (Friday at 2:00 AM PST | 5:00 AM EST | 11:00 AM CET | 7:00 PM KST)

  2. LGD Gaming vs Wayi Spider (Friday at 2:00 AM PST | 5:00 AM EST | 11:00 AM CET | 7:00 PM KST)

  3. LoLadies vs OMG (Saturday at 2:00 AM PST | 5:00 AM EST | 11:00 AM CET | 7:00 PM KST)

  4. Invictus Gaming vs Invictus Gaming 2 (Saturday at 2:00 AM PST | 5:00 AM EST | 11:00 AM CET | 7:00 PM KST)

Leaguepedia Info/Brackets


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