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Champion picks, bans, and win rates for IEM Cologne and Champions Winter

In the last couple days, I started the process of adding picks and bans data to a select few tournaments and creating a visualization of the most popular champions for each tournament. So far, I've added data for IEM Cologne and Korea's Champions Winter. You can hover over each bar in the graphs to get more information on each champion's win rate and pick/ban ratio.

Let me know what you think of the visualizations! Expect more to come in the near future, including a combined interactive visualization across all of the major tournaments.

IEM Cologne

  • Zyra was the most popular champion in Germany, being picked or banned in every game, and featured an impressive 67% winning percentage.
  • Rengar was the champion teams were most scared of, being banned in 15 of the 20 matches played, by far the most.
  • Ezrael was the most popular AD carry being picked in 14 of the 20 matches. But he didn't fare too well in results, boasting only a 36% win percentage.

Champions Winter

  • Lee Sin is the most picked or banned champion, despite a somewhat mediocre winning rate (44%).
  • Teams aren't scared of Ezrael, having only been banned once, but they sure like to pick him. The safe AD has been featured more than 2/3 of the matches played so far.
  • The popular champions with the most impressive win rates are Diana (80% win rate in 15 matches), Olaf (75% win rate in 20 matches), Irelia (70% win rate in 27 matches), and Cho'Gath (64% win rate in 22 matches).
  • Vladimir has had a rough showing. The Crimson Reaper has won only 3 out of 16 matches he has been picked.
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